What is Smart Start???
Thanks to the innovation of Directed Electronics Inc we now have the option to control a
remote starter or alarm system using any iPhone, Blackberry or Android phone. No longer is
range an issue, whether you're at work, in the mall or at the ball game, now you can step
into a nice warm car in the middle of winter or a cool car in the heat of a summer day.

As long as you have cell phone service you can start your car as well as get alerts in the
form of a text message if your car has been tampered with. Have piece of mind when you
have to leave your car out of sight, sound or your 2 way remote range.

Smart Start has been on the market for about a year now but it was a pretty expensive
add on to their upper for this year to not only make the option more affordable but also on
a wider range of systems.

1)  The DSM-100 Smart start application was originally only available on the "Responder"
platforms by Viper, Clifford and Python. This year they replaced the DSM-100 module with
a VSM-200 which will work on any "D2D" and "ESP" platform dating back about 5 years by
**("D2D" and "ESP" is a plug in port on DEI systems that allow the use of data integration modules
and bypasses.)**

What does this mean for you?

Good question. This means everyone that had a DEI remote starter or alarm system
installed last year or even in the last few years can now add on the new VSM-200 and have
the convenience and peace of mind without spending an arm and a leg.

2) Smart Start is more affordable for everyone now. DEI has offered us a wider range of
applications and more options than ever before. The DSM-100 module generally sold for
about $400 in store PLUS installation. Even at the $300 price tag and only a $50
installation fee that I was charging, let's be honest, It's not exactly pocket change. And
when you're adding it on to a remote start or alarm system that costs $400, $500 or even
more, it can add up and get expensive fast. With the new VSM-200 priced at $200 and
still only $50 for installation, you can keep that hundred bucks in your pocket and set it
aside for something else. Plus, with the VSM-200 working on any system by DEI you don't
have to fork over money for the top of the line starter. You can use it with the Avital
4103L which I sell for a very affordable $95 plus tax.

If you're a practical thinker, you're probably asking yourself something like this...

"Ok, so I can use my phone as a remote for my car now, so why would
I want to pay for a separate remote starter system and then buy an
extra part to use my phone for the remote? I'll probably just throw
the remotes in a drawer and forget about it anyway."

Great Question! If you're one of the people that just wants to use the phone app and do it
for as little money as possible, well DEI thought of that too. Which brings me to...

3) DEI has released two brand new systems, the VSS-3000 and the VSS-5000 to fit your
specific needs AND your budget. These are considered "hybrid" systems and I'll have more
information and specs listed below.

"Ok, so how does this actually work?"

4) Smart Start is a service that uses your phone's internet connection to link up to your car
through a cell phone signal. Being that it is a service, there is a fee. For Basic service the
cost is $29.99 per year. That breaks down a very affordable $2.50 per month. Also new
for this year is the "Viper Motor Club" at $49.99 per year. The Viper motor club
membership includes 24/7, 365 days a year roadside and emergency service throughout the
US and Canade at the touch of a button. That breaks down to only $4.17 per month for
peace of mind anywhere you are traveling. There is also a 3 year plan available to save even
more money. For $99.98 you get 3 years of basic service and 3 years of the Viper Motor
Club bringing the price down to $2.78 per month.

So now that you know what Smart Start is and how it works, let's get on the equipment...
Viper VSS-3000 SmartStart System
with Remote Start

  • Hybrid System with all the same
    features car
  • Programmable run time, parking light
    confirmation and notifications right on
    your iPhone, Blackberry or Android phone
SRP $399.99

PN# VSS3000 - $295.00

  • Hybrid System with all the same features
    as a Viper alarm system
  • Stinger double guard shock sensor
  • Revenger 6 tone Siren
  • Virtually unlimited range, if you have cell
    phone service then you can activate your
    car and receive alarm system alerts via
    text message
  • Programmable run time, parking light and
    siren chirp confirmation as well as
    notifications right on your iPhone,
    Blackberry or Android phone
  • Includes 1) 4 button remote
SRP $599.99

PN# VSS5000 - $355.00

  • Next generation of award-winning
    SmartStart technology, including
  • 2-way command confirmations and push
    notification of alarm events
• Graphical interface gives you control over your
installed Viper/Clifford/Python remote start or
security/remote start system
• Lock/arm, Unlock/disarm, remote start, trunk
release, panic, car finder
• Control multiple vehicles • Push notification of
alarm events - it’s like
an alarm pager on your smartphone - virtually
unlimited range
• 2-Way command confirmation
• D2D for the highest level of connectivity
• Visual text confirmation of zone triggers
• Auto re-arm
• Upgradable remote start capability
• Passcode protection
• Over-the-air upgradeable

PN# VSM200 - $195.00

coming soon...

  • Gives you the capability to have a
    standard 4 Button remote to use in
    conjunction with your SmartStart
    Phone application
SRP $99.99