I moved to the Denver area from Minnesota where I was the Car Audio Sales
& Installation Manager for Circuit City. In 2003, I started my own car audio
business just as a hobby doing work by referral only. I hopped on board with
Circuit City in 2005 and transferred out here in 2007. When  things started
taking a downhill turn for the worst I decided to put more into my own
company and Left Circuit City in February of 2008, a year before they filed
for bankruptcy.

So far I've really enjoyed working for myself full time. It gives me the
opportunity to spend more time with you and fix many of the issues you run
into with "big box" and chain stores. My goal is to provide you a better, more
convenient installation, lower prices, and to build a relationship that you don't
normally get to experience in any retail store.

To be perfectly honest, I'm tired of "certain" stores doing sloppy work,
charging ridiculous prices for installs, and trying to sell a bunch of stuff that
you don't need just because you don't know any better (I'm sure you  know
who I'm referring to...C.T and Q.A.S is all I'm gonna say...lol) Anyway,
stepping down from my soapbox, I hope to eventually open a store &
installation bay here in the Denver area and change the way Car Audio and 12v
Electronics are done here.

I am a fully certified installer. I have my MECP certification and also
completed all certifications available through Circuit City.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via telephone at:

(303) 908 - 0492
or via email at:

Thank You,
Jared Nelson