- Amp & Subwoofers - $55.00   ***Covers running power cable, RCA's, remote
wire, mounting the amp, wiring the amp to the subs and tuning to get the best
possible sound I can in your car. (Usually a mono block, class D or 2 channel)

- Additional Amps - $30.00 ***Installing multiple amps does require a
distribution block and in most cases you'll want to make sure you run a thicker
gauge power wire. For example, this would be if you want 2 more amps to push
bigger subwoofers.

- 4 Channel Amps - $65.00 ***Same as mono amp setup above but will be wired
to all the speakers in your car. If running both a sub amp and a 4 channel you
will need a distribution block. Depending on the vehicle and where the amps will
be located, most 4 channel amp installations require 60-75 feet of speaker wire
to run from the amplifier to the speakers using the factory harness. (This means
running speaker wiring from the amp back up behind the cd player into the
factory wiring which then splits out to each speaker in the car). Rewiring the
entire car with premium speaker wire is an option, however unless you are doing a
somewhat high end audio system, this is honestly an unnecessary labor expense
for you, the customer. With your typical every day audio installation you won't
be able to notice much of a difference, if at all, compared to a more basic
installation. I would recommend that you put the extra money into some quality
speakers or a little bit nicer amplifier. It is an option however and labor costs
can be discussed on an as needed basis.
- Speakers - $35.00 per pair or $60.00 for all 4  ***This is for standard
Co-axial speakers

- Component Speakers - $60.00 per pair  ***Includes speaker installation,
crossover mounting and wiring, and tweeter installation. (custom tweeter install
may cost more depending on where you would like them located)

- CD Player - $35.00  ***When upgrading from a factory head unit you do need
parts to install an aftermarket head unit. Parts required vary by vehicle but in
most cases include a dash kit, vehicle wire harness, and sometimes an antenna

- Steering Wheel Control Adapters - $50.00 *** Many new cars have factory
steering wheel controls now, which is pretty convenient and handy, but it does
have a downside. That brand new CD player with full ipod control and navigation
that you have your eye on isn't going to work with your steering wheel controls
and you don't want to give those up right? Well, you don't have to. Many
mainstream cd players such as Kenwood, Pioneer, JVC, Alpine, Sony and quite a
few others have the capability of recognizing your factory steering wheel
controls with the appropriate adapter.
Basic Keyless Entry - $65.00 ***This is basic keyless entry added on to vehicles
that have power locks. If your vehicle does not have power locks then you need
to install a door lock actuator and a relay in each door to drive the lock rod.

Door Lock Actuators - $55.00 per door ***Needed for keyless entry on vehicles
that do not have power locks. (This is labor only, it does not include parts)

Alarm & Keyless Entry - $115.00 ***Alarm system with keyless entry, does not
include remote start

Basic Remote Start - $95.00 **Does not include keyless entry. Please note many
newer vehicles have at least some sort of anti-theft system. Sometimes this can
be a data module, a chip in the head of the key, or a circuit built into the key
cylinder. Most vehicles '98 and newer need a bypass module for remote start to
work properly. contact me for more details or for questions. See Bypass notes

Remote Start w/ Keyless Entry - $115.00 ***Same notes as above. Also some
vehicles require that you go into each door for lock & unlock. This isn't too
common and can be quoted into the price on a case by case basis, sometimes seen
on select Toyota & Lexus models. This will also control your arm/disarm if you
have a factory security system. See Bypass notes below.

Remote Start, Keyless Entry & Alarm - $145.00 ****same notes as above. Also
see Bypass notes below.

SMART Start Add on module - $50.00 *** Thanks to the innovation of DEI
(Directed Electronics Inc) you can now control your remote start and/or alarm
through your iphone, blackberry or Android phone. Also with the new smart start
module just released you can add it on to almost any DEI system dating back
about 5 years. This includes Viper, Clifford, Python and Avital systems. See
Bypass notes below.

Bypass & Data Integration module Installations - $15.00 *** These modules are
used for integrating remote start into vehicles with anti-theft features or
transponder immobilizers. Also a lot of newer vehicles such as GM, Diamler
Chrysler etc use data signals to control lock & unlock, factory arm & disarm, and
even some ignition & starter features. Data modules allow safe integration of
remote start and alarm features without the risk of damage to computer
systems in newer vehicles.

Add on options for remote starters and Alarms available - PRICE VARIES.
***With enough relays and parts you can pretty much connect to anything that
has a push button or switch and activate it using the auxiliary channels on the
aftermarket remote. Examples are power sliding doors, power lift gates, trunk
release, fuel door release, rear defrosters, heated seats, power windows,
sunroofs etc... Some functions require specific modules such as window roll up
modules which allows you to roll your windows up or down via the remote. Other
functions just require wiring up a relay to change the polarity, increase/decrease
the voltage strength, or isolate from the switch to protect the circuit from
backfeeding upon activation. Most basic functions are $35 such as trunk release
or sliding door applications which includes the relay and installation of the relay.
- Overhead Video Systems - $125.00 & $150.00   
If the unit does not have a built in wireless FM Modulator the $125 price would
apply as running a hardwired FM Modulator to the radio/cd player to transmit
sound through the entire car would be required.    *** some vehicles require some
custom work to deal with issues such as an extremely contoured head liner,
overhead climate controls, sunroof etc...
- In-Dash DVD players - $75.00  
These are the "flip out" or "double din" style dvd players. Legally needs to be
connected to the parking brake to watch movies.  **legalities come into play here
as technically it is illegal to have a movie playing in view of the driver. Most
In-Dash systems can be bypassed upon request but you take assumption of the
risk and I will not be held responsible if you get in an accident due to inattentive
driving (same parts required as a regular cd player listed above)

- In-Dash DVD & Navigation - $125.00  
Same as above but includes GPS Navigation involving running the GPS antenna and
connecting to the VSS wire (Vehicle Speed Sense) to properly track your speed
and heading if you lose satellite reception due to a tunnel or something along
those lines. (same parts as CD player needed)
- IPod Adapter - $50.00 Many aftermarket head units have direct iPod control
capability if using specific adapters that plug into the data or IP-Bus port on
the back of the unit. These are full integration adapters that will charge your
IPod and allow you to skip thru your tracks and playlists just like you were
listening to a regular cd. If you have a cd player that just has an ipod cable
that needs to be run, I usually do those free of charge during the cd player

- FM Modulator - $35.00 FM modulators can be used to act as an auxiliary input
for factory radios to integrate equipment such as an IPod, MP3 player, Video

- Hardwire - $25.00 This can be for a radar detector, MP3 Player, cell phone
charger or pretty much anything that has a cigarette lighter/12v adapter. Will
turn on and off with the key or can be wired up to constant power with a switch
for on/off.

- Neon Lights and Underbody Kits - Price Varies depending on location and
quantity. Typically speaking interior accent lights will be hardwired for about $20
per light. Underbody light kits will run between $75 - $100 depending on the
vehicle. *** In many states underbody light kits are illegal so you are taking the
risk of ticketing, I will not be held responsible.
Prices listed are for labor only and
do not include any required parts
or equipment
- Custom Built Sub Boxes - Prices vary depending on what type of box you want
built, how many subs, integrated amp racks etc... Also materials are a huge
factor. Fiberglass is much more labor intensive and the materials are more
expensive. Consultation is build a fiberglass box I will do all the sanding,
bondo-ing and pre-paint prep work then you can take it in to have it painted
somewhere of your preference.
- 5 Channel Amps - $85.00 ***Used to push 4 surround speakers and a
subwoofer. Same wiring as above with the 4 channel amp plus wiring to the sub
and tuning everything. Recommend running 4 gauge power wire for most (if not
all) 5 channel amps

- Capacitor - $40  ***Capacitors help your electrical system by instantly
discharging and recharging so when the heavy bass hits the amp will draw from
the capacitor rather than drawing from your battery and alternator. I’m sure at
some point you’ve seen someone driving and their headlights dim or flicker when
the bass hits. A capacitor will help keep that from happening. The general rule
of thumb is you want 1 farad per every 1000 watts you’re pulling. Going bigger
with Never hurt though, it will only help your electrical system.
- Back-up Camera - $60 or $75 ***depending on the vehicle and how I can run
the wires. Some cars the wiring can all be run inside the car and brought out by
the bumper to the mounting location. On pickup trucks and some cars the wiring
has to be run underneath the vehicle to the requested mounting location. If I
have to jack the vehicle up and put it on stands to gain access underneath then
we can discuss a fair price for both of us.

- Bluetooth Handsfree - $75.00 for stand alone or $50 for Add on systems.   
***A standalone system works through your factory radio using either your
existing wiring for audio output or using a separate speaker including with the
systems. Examples would be a Parrot or a Motorola. An add on system would be
if you have an aftermarket cd player with Bluetooth expansion capability that
has an adapter box, microphone and sometimes a separate control piece as well

- Visor or Headrest Monitors - $75.00 each  ***Involves either replacement
head rests/visors with monitors already installed or cutting the factory
headrests/visors and mounting the monitor into your existing ones and then wiring
them into your video system. Can be done singularly or in pairs.

- Game Systems or External DVD/VCR - $45.00 ***Either GameCube, PS2,
Xbox etc... or a secondary DVD player or VCR. Please note in most cases these
require a power inverter to give you a standard DC outlet in your vehicle, power
inverter installation ranges from $25-$50 depending on how you want it wired,
where it will be located etc..
- Noise Suppresion (aka Dynamat, Accumat, Roadkill, Silencer etc…) - $150 for
trunks, $50 per door or $175 for full cargo area in an SUV   ***Noise
suppression material most commonly referred to as Dynamat (which is technically
just a brand name same as Kleenex is a brand of tissue) is probably one of the
best investments you can make in your vehicle for your audio system. Not only
does it stop that annoying rattle and vibration on the truck and body panels but
think of it this way, keeps your sound in and keeps the noise out. Matting your
trunk will make your subs and amp literally sound about twice as powerful as they
really are, but add it to the doors as well and it will block out the majority of
your road noise too. To do it properly is time consuming but it is definitely worth
it’s weight in gold.